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Sourcing from some of the best of Mendocino County’s unique collection of vineyards, picking with abundant natural acidity and at a spectrum of ripeness, we look to produce the kind of wines we want to drink: fresh, mineral, and pure. We sort meticulously, ferment on native yeasts at cooler temperatures, and use only neutral oak with a philosophy of minimal intervention. We do use a little SO2.

What is wine ? - "Ed Donovan"

Wine is food. It’s a significant percentage of the calories I consume, on a most basic level. It’s a central part of my table. Over time, as I have shopped and gardened and hunted recipes and cooked and drank wine from all over the world, my palate has evolved to where the characteristics I seek in table wines are those that make the foods around them taste better, almost like elegant condiments.



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Mendocino, California

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Mendocino, California

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Ed Donovan
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Ed Donovan

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